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The Algebra Calculator is a simple and free tool that helps you solve basic math problems in a few seconds with a detailed step-by-step solution. User-friendly interface allows you to quickly solve algebra problems such as equations, cube roots, square roots, exponents, radicals or roots, simplifying radical expressions and other. Try to solve algebra right now!

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What is Algebra?

Algebra is a branch of mathematics dealing with doing arithmetic operations with non-numeric mathematical entities or objects. Although algebra deals with complex numbers, it’s different from other branches of mathematics, such as geometry and calculus. The non-numeric entities or objects in algebra are sometimes written in Greek or Latin representing quantities, which in mathematics are referred to as variables.

Algebra explains how these variables relate; it’s like solving puzzles. Algebra comes in many forms such as elementary algebra, abstract algebra, cartesian geometry, word problems, and semigroups. All of these categories follow specific rules to find solutions. The formulas are used for computations, and they can be combined to form other formulas.


If John will be three times his present age in six years, how old will is he? This is a simple world problem that can be presented in algebraic form 3x = x + 6, whereby x represents John’s present age. The left side shows three times John’s age, while the right side represents his age in five years.

There’s a rule for solving this equation and when we put the variables together, we simplify by subtracting x from both sides to make them look equal 2x = 6 so when we divide both sides by two, x solves to 3, which means John is now 3 years old. In this case, the rules were applied to get the right answer.

Undoubtedly, algebra is daunting and can be seen as impractical and confusing. However, an algebra calculator makes it easy to handle algebraic expressions. An algebra calculator is a convenient tool for solving basic math problems.

The calculator provides a step to step solution of any algebraic problem you feed it. It’s user-friendly and helps solve equations such as square roots, radicals, cube roots and also simplifies radical expressions and many others. After the tool finishes with the calculation, you can copy the results to a clipboard and work on the next problem.

About Algebra Calculator

Algebra Calculator
The Algebra Calculator is a convenient online tool for solving basic math problems. You can type any problem in the calculator and in a few moments you will get the result with a step-by-step solution. Use this algebra calculator for free and on any device!
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